How much should a website cost?

January 23, 2021

Whether you are looking to bring your old website to the modern era, or completely starting from scratch the main question comes to mind - how much should I pay for a website?

It’s a question that is almost always a front runner when you are discovering your options to build your brand on your digital real estate. To better understand the cost associated with a website, let us first break down the value a sparkling new website brings.

Your website is a representation of yourself or your business. Whether you are selling shoes on an e-commerce store or selling software to other businesses, the visuals and messaging on your website are the first impression your new customer gets to interact with before getting to know you a little further. Think about your first day of work, you want to make sure your hair is combed or brushed, and you are wearing an outfit that comes across positively. Without someone knowing who you are, the only thing they have to judge about you is the impression you leave on them. A website is pretty much the same thing.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

When figuring out what you should expect to pay, it comes down to three factors: quality, expertise, and extensibility.

Quality comes down to not only how unique your website is, but also how well it is coded. What you pay is what you get, and the same applies for web design. You can easily grab a webflow template and start your website yourself, but how well does that template actually speak to your brand? Will you know how to execute on new assets for your website to match that template? Is your brand voice consistent throughout? Templates are good to start, but if you don’t take into account website design or creative content writing you are sure to create a Frankenstein of a website, which in 2021, is very noticeable these days. Websites aren’t just one thing. They consist of design, development, content, marketing and it is critical to ensure the quality of all components are rock solid.

This leads into the second factor, expertise. It is very easy to hire a software company or a freelancer to design and develop your website, but you need to know what you are getting. Website hourly rates can vary widely, and can also vary on your location in the world. You could find a $25/ hour junior developer or you could work with a $250/ hour Silicon Valley agency. You can imagine how the final products can differ greatly and it all comes down to the talent working on your website.

In my opinion, a website must have beautiful and user friendly design. 94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design. We already discussed what happens when you don’t have a good first impression. Your bounce rate goes up and you conversions go down. Your website must also have optimized code with a mobile-first approach. Page speed and ease of responsiveness are huge elements in websites these days. Hiring a good developer is going to be key to a website’s success. You must also take into account marketing expertise as well. Writing page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and other SEO essentials is a must to make your website visible.

A person building your website might be proficient in development, but lack the design and marketing chops it needs to thrive. This price point obviously is cheaper, but is it worth it to miss out on building your website right, with a highly technical individual that has done it time and time again?

The last factor is extensibility. The ability to think into the future is huge, and you want to build a website to accommodate your future needs. Maybe you need to connect your website leads to a CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot. Or maybe you need to turn your blogging passion into an e-commerce solution. Picking a website foundation to accommodate both the “now” and “then” is critical. That is why I highly recommend using Webflow to kickstart your project. It has several powerful integrations with a powerful CMS to power your blog or store. To read more about why I recommend Webflow, click here.

Being a product designer myself, I have tremendous experience building optimized websites on Webflow with a core understanding on the SEO checklist to launch any website. I have experience building e-commerce sites on Shopify, and marketing websites on Webflow.

My price for building a website starts at $1,995 and increases based on the number of pages, functionality, and how much custom design you will need. If you’d like to kickstart the conversation to begin your new website, reach out to me today.

It’s 2021 and we are smack dab in the midst of the digital era, what website path will you take?